This wonderful spot is set to one side of the main Hakuba Ski areas, at the North end of the valley.

This has a magical quality about it, due to it's slightly out of the way placement, something of a road less traveled feel to it. Not particularly challenging on piste, it has recently however got the reputation for the place to head for off piste runs, specifically tree skiing.

Dominating the resort is the Hotel Green Plaza Karuizawa. You can't help wondering what the designer of this place was influenced by, Swiss chocolate box , meets mock Tudor caslte, meets the Shining.

If its been snowing, it's the place to head for. More for advanced skiers and riders, if going out of bounds, you should take the appropriate backcountry and avalanche precautions. We would recommend taking a guide to get the most out of it.

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More information

  • Official resort website
  • Mountain webcams - n/a
  • Location to Hotel accommodation: 30-40mins