Taking an Onsen is not just a fantastic way to releave a tired and achy body after a hard day on the piste, it's also a rich cultural experience.

It is important that you remember when visiting an Onsen some basic etique in order not to embarras yourself or your fellow bathers.

  • You need to be complete undressed when entering the shower/ bathing area. You can take a ''Tenugui'' or ''Privacy towel'' (small face cloth) if you prefer to cover your modesty.
  • You should then thoroughly rinse yourself, making sure that you wash all soap off before then going on to enter the Onsen. 
  • Try to be quite and avoid running.
  • Then just relax, take in your surrounds and talk to your fellow bathers.
  • O yes, if you don't know what to do with your privacy towel once you've enter the Onsen, fold it up and place it on your head (no kidding!)

There are numerous Onsens in and around Hakuba, one of Double Black staffs favourites is Hakuba Ryujin Onsen "Obuya". For more information on Onsens in the Hakuba area.